Friday, March 26, 2010

Crusing Along!

Ahhh the life of Zoey. She is just so much fun, a breath of fresh air really. Today she went and played with her cousins and of course got her naps (she needs her beauty sleep) Once she wakes up she is just all over the place getting into new things and getting up on things that she can cruise one way to the next! She eats so much and its awesome because she is really enjoying all of the foods i give her. We have had so much fun going to her cousins birthday parties and hanging out with dad. everyday is full of learning. Getting much better on our sleep schedule but not sleeping through the night yet. We will get there though. Planning on going to the Zoo for the very first time and i am super excited to see all of the animals. Another Birthday party tomorrow for Zoey's best friend Jack and she has to be in attendance. =)

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